which was an inflammatory process due to the severance
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perfectly meet the objections. But there is one fact
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medical society has been established in Italy, modelled
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white, roughened or slightly worm-eaten look ; and to the
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by injecting putrid blood subcutaneously and by the
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the ear, etc. Among the women were 22 where decided
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trance of air or fluids through the tube. It is, at all events,
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the character of a reflex neurosis, as in the following :
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comprising a distended foUicle, can be discovered on
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thus. — Mr. W. J. Clapp reports, in 7 he Lancet of July 21,
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life -sustaining. We have already noted that there was
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solution. Two quarts was sufficient. It should not be
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walls of the minute arterioles are lined with a reddish-
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Royal College of Surgeons, of St. Thomas', Guy's, St.
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telligent persons, involves several of the senses. Words
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ure on the absence of the nuclear corpuscles, which in
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using the lime-water test. To show the presence of oxygen,
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procedures by recounting a series of hj'pothetical dangers.
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formation of our ideal anatomical collection, limited
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looking nurse. I suppose my looks betrayed a little as-
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the figures and finds that we have only about 27,918 de-
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The veins in meningitis present nothing remarkable,
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symptoms and of the pathological alterations teaches us
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physician up to that time ; but on the morning of the
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impHcated. It had been said that thirty per cent, of all
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to relieve the kidneys. Where a hot bath could not be
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greater part of the year might be called temperate.
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supported by a wool tampon — the organ should not be
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as follows : First, as to the conduct of delivery. I could
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to accord the name dermatitis herpetiformis, and pro-
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aura or giddiness in the majority of the cases examined