monograph : Progressive muscular atrophy, type Aran-
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and becoming quite robust, the physical examination
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Case VIII. Maunder : Med. Times and Gazette, 1S76, i., 323.
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the tubes, and the uterus is secondarily infected by the
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convinced, however, that more thorough observations will
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ovarian tumors, and imbedded cysts of the broad liga-
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and three-fourths inch in extent is sufficient. For tumor
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tack, and propagate their kind. Their intelligence differs
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to the desire on the part of many of the members to hold
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visited the museum, asked if we could show them the
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existence of difficulties in diagnosis which he had pointed
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ing general, Department of the Missouri. Par. 11. S. O.
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Scotch steamer. The patient was a child aged eight, who
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type ; />. I^eg type^peroneal form. 2. Primary progres-
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ually augmenting the intensity of the electrical current,
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the nine cases with autopsy, here brought together for the
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the lowest border of the field of vision. All sj-mptoms
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ment, no disturbance of digestion. — Lc Progres Mt'dica!.
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June I St. — Respiration, 22; pulse, 100; temperature
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Capillar}' from same, Vsooo '"ch diameter. The vessel is slightly but distinctly
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no external indication of iniurj- or disease. The lesions
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for some time, the author believes, may produce retro-
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the infusoria and bacteria, and the Roosa bulb can be
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and the limb was then dressed by encircling the joint with
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for self-advertisement as it is. The specialist is, or should
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seven pin-worms and over two hundred ascarides, com-
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two months leave of absence, from September 14, 1888.
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sick. The frequency of the disease, there could be no
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laggard branch of therapeutics. Chemistry has presented
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ence to ulcerations, the latter indicating a more extensive
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thus at once diminish my mortality, together with that
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turning the gig and throwing out the two occupants.