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The chief predisposing cause of glaucoma is a narrowed
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Without waiting for further developments I placed him
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February i6th. — CEdema of lower extremities has dis-
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illness. All that could be learned was that he had had a
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the fever returned ; rose-spots appeared six days later, with
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the left arm and leg became cold, and then gangrene ap-
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sible for a large proportion of the cases in which it is
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fixed rules, for all positions have their advantages and
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mind in regard to the matter until August 15th, of this
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per annum (exclusive of the increment by immigration),
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ent at the end of seven weeks, but the injection of this
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Class VIII. — Case of chronic muscular rheumatism,
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cases, the results are quite as good as are obtained by
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dition producing a-rhythmia. In conclusion, the writer
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of the bladder vvithout entering the cavity of the abdomen.
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porter in the diagnosis. The unusual feature of the cases
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very appreciable enlargement of the epidid}mis and other
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permanent relief, she finally yielded to my request and
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ushered in by more or less headache, slight rise in tem-
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the fifth day, just before my visit, she had a soft motion of
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sons ; and which are apparent without further statement.