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had obtained the best results from galvanism. Then,

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the opportunity of applying it to the abdomen at an

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to record a death which, had it happened, would have

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pubhshed in a thesis by Petit (Paris, 1881, pp. 25, 26, 32,

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scalp cicatrices were removed. ^Vhile fearing, with

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" Storage of Life as a Sanitary Study." The conditions

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to eighty per cent, of the whole number. Year after year

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the influences of syphilis upon eczema and other skin

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cated during life, and he-reports an illustrative case {uMed-

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ity at one sitting, letting each sectional cauterization last

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wth no permanent benefit. A great deal of quinine was

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ported an interesting case of cancer of the larynx. The

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vault. This is not so curious when physicians stop to

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abscess will wait a long time. There are but two pas-

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the early development of nervous symptoms, cerebral or

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of the irntation that is reflected from the nose to other

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Soon after the temperature became normal, the patient

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independent mayor attacks abuses due to political man-

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were no signs of cardiac or pulmonary mischief. On the

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improvement in rotation ; but by great enthusiasm he got

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case illustrated the advantage of such a mode of treat-

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able ingenuity and patience are exercised in the adjustment,

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preliminary step in the education of the physician of the

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