the proportion of -fTfirifTr kiUs anthrax spores in twenty-
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not necessarily imply rest in bed ; nor does it imply a
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the eruption would have been obtained, as it was very char-
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causes the milder symptoms of syphilis to disappear. citalopram
became much larger, and the lad suffered from dyspnoea
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sist of amorphous basis-substance, with the usual fibrils
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which there had been no recurrence, as cured, yet he re-
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scribed, but a periodical suppurative conjunctivitis.
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of disability. Fort Mcintosh, Tex., Headquarters De-
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of the debris and the action on the deeper structures go
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ployed the antiputrefactive power of chloroform-water
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My stay was not long enough to make any trustworthy
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room. We have also fitted up one large room with in-
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presenting symptoms such as Dr. Puti>am had mentioned.
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very reluctantly consented to do so. In this way it was
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tion in the course of a few weeks. This, however, is not
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flation the hearing distance was the same as before treat-
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Dr. VVeisse said that the authors of the paper had had
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discussion hitherto. His observations had led him to be-
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Seborrhcea of the face, when combined with acne, ra-
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reply to a communication in regard to the sediment of
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freely bathed with a soft sponge. If no cracks or sores
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the tremendous enlargement present at the time of aspi-
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M. Daremberg confirmed the observations of the pre-
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ment were used from the first, many patients might be
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steadily increased in severity for three days, and the case
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hypnone, and the like. Sulfanol is the latest applicant
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utter helplessness, but he may recover so far as to be able
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formity as could by posture be temporarily eradicated.
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way. 'The stitches were removed on the third day. I re-
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from the discussion which his paper had called out, and
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nose, and that by applying treatment to the nasal passages