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patients whose cases I have reported, and the patient is
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the structure of the bone is different, but because of the
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record. It was not clearly proved that the disease arose
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tion-writing. — A French medical man recently pre-
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the fistulous tract. He can now retain water for two or
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supplies the lack of arguments by distorting the facts, and
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tress in the respiratory symptoms, and an increase of the
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There is no special electrical action. The platinum wire,
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was at one of these meetings that the lecturer introduced
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respiration. He then referred to the experiments of
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• remittent or continuous forms of fever. The explanation
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menstruated twice. Her sufferings were not relieved, but
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This view is taken by Dr. Squire in the article to which
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York City, for examination for promotion : Captain John
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nounced cause, such as gastric disturbance, eye strain,
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did not vary gradually in their action on various animals.
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tiicular walls of the heart were not supplied with blood
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