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that the Local Government Board had no funds at its dis-
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was too much neglected at the present day. He was con-
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malarial fever — has proved unsatisfactory in many ways.
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is there any history of exposure to wet and cold. Been
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to him. In the anal groove was a cylindrical tumor,
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sis of the insane showed, on post-mortem examination,
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is the much more frequent of the two. He thinks this
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to judge the question impartially, new researches carried
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The North Carolina Afedical Journal, June, 1 888, calls
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rank, instead of a noble-minded physician, their social
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ter now uses this method in old cases attended with short-
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dency is beneficial or jjrophylactic is another question,
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use, in strictures of small calibre, to facilitate the passage
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assistants can be secured. The operation is not accom-
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FiG. 4. — A B, distance around middle of thigh ; AC, or B F,, distance from symphysis pubis to upper border of wise be attached tO the UDDer ends
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July 1 6th. — The parts over the thyroid cartilage had
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soothing course of treatment similar to the preceding, and
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several blows on the face, asseverating that the doctor's
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only by a band of connective tissue, and which enabled
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— except, perhaps, the greater size of the growth removed
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ance was good, and the programme of work was laid out
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elasticity of the middle turbinated bone is normal, the
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