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Dr. Carl Seiler, of Pniladelphia, reported a case of
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and on examination he detected the presence of a tumor
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nize this fundamental truth, for the child is not held
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way at a particular spot, from which the particles diffuse
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faculties and may sing when they cannot talk. Think-
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permanent resistance to the disjunctive forces ; the sub-
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soft food, such as soft-boiled eggs, porridge, and milk. A
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normal, recovery and repair of slight defects may promptly
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upon a degenerative alteration in the nerve-centre which
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is understood the operation of forming an artificial anus
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ments found in these ancient peoples (belonging to the
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brought forward before the Society. The patient presents
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paper can testify, from his own experience in the Rescue
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which, when passed, was discovered to be clear, but con-
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M'athologie und Therapie der Hautkrankheiten, 3d ed., 18B7, p.
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it was very desirable that she should be put to bed im-
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A rose has, as its mental basis, a larger number of mem-
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for four weeks, but as the patient grew worse, on account
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sanitary knowledge. In regard to medical tuition, in-
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to but a few of the points which it contained. At the
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number of members on the register last year was 11,107.