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sion, less commonly expansion followed by contraction.
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each gland separately, had no restraining influence on the
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who were present, antipyrins was produced — in capsules,
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same class of men. This is only the repetition of the
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weather. He says that the color of these original red
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heard in the lungs. Correct constipation with podophyl-
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was erroneous. He had examined three hundred testes,
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their efficacy in cutaneous diseases, and \o the sulphu-
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truth of the remark that led him to write his paper. It
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save some ; hence this is the only treatment. If em-
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was the subject of a paper by Dr. J. M. Matthews, of
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geons on the ground that they afford imperfect fixation.
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fore the unjustifiability, of operation in such cases, etc.
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demonstrated in the pus contained in the abscesses.
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ments were excited in different groups ot muscles on the
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ed of swelling of the face and arms, with a red, slightly
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marked these are in any case, the more unfavorable the
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The diagnosis of pneumonia was confirmed by Dr. Ed-
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and preparations must be made accordingly. Eighty out
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ployed when it is clear that the patient will not be able to
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presentation of the so-called motor sense ; and 3, the
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toms of internal obstruction. Operation was suggested
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tion of such a rational basis of treatment. To do this
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with it. The fibrous growth was marked in the interlob-
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preferable, particularly when one has to do with a patient
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but enough remained unconsumed to show that it was the