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increases as the temperature rises. Pure water is said not
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on this subject. A child, five weeks old, was brought by
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The patient was a man suffering from some affection of
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Thus it became possible to test his visual field, which was
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We might just as well treat the former with a splint as
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is liable to these errors and others. The precipitation of
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had he ever suffered he would probably be more careful.
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to its margin. He reports 5 cases in detail, all of which
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that all the various speech-areas are supplied with blood
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school which has a professor of gynecology, nor is there
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that the pressure may be the same on the inside as on the
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be found necessary, if the tissue was pared away well
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organs. Thus pate-de-foie-gras was especially dangerous,
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care. The results in his own hands had been very satis-
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the control of the person, is a most fatal error. On this
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enveloping the uterus. The patient's condition was very-
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lectures. I mention this particular, because I have known
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quieting cough. In nervous or hysterical men or women,
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long, this latter strength of current would not answer our
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hundred and two bodies where during life there had been
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ing such cases in charge, and reflexly to the patient and
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Case XLIII. Vemeuil : Bull. Soc. de Chirurgie de Paris, 1887, xiii., 294.
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