epilepsy came on in childhood, but syphilitic epilepsy
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pils equal and react normally. The existence of hemi-
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on the hard palate near the velum. There was also puru-
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in cold wa^r ; it had no unpleasant taste, and produced
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contraction, and contraction followed by dilatation.
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ception of a mixture of chlorate of potash and opium, a
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considered, would be in the anterior portion of the first or
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in the treatment of pneumothorax. It consists in the
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resemble the administration of ergot during labor, and the
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medicine, along with the purely scientific knowledge.
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vide between. Then the peritoneal folds attaching the
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Intestinal worms. — Keating ' recommends in these cases
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1 In the American Medical Monthly, i860, pp. 297, 298, Dr. Sayre
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salient form of the median enlargement, made the supra-
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of the nasal and bronchial mucous membranes are recip-
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and of observations made upon man, Dr. H. I. Neilson
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the "restless spirit of modern surgerj'." The route of
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Deep shading = complete anaesthesia. Light shading = slight anaesthesia.
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or bottle, and no food except beef-tea is given to it for
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blood from these bodies the hyiDersemia disappeared and
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3. That resistant cases of the severest type can be cor-
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suing that treatment he began to get better, and next day
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Record will be able to judge from the report which we
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was worthy of consideration. Suppuration can take place
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and both eyes presented the same appearance. I discon-
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able, taking offence on the slightest provocation, striking
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arrest all danger of extension and accomplish the gradual
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e.^., the literar)' man presenting far more symptoms than
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known ; the articles of Kast,' its discoverer, of Rabbas,"
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body, aided by excrementitious matters collected in the
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an entire cure ; it is the first of the kind ever performed
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Dr. Squire, in his article on 'lypho-Malarial Fever," ac-
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to what he said on that occasion, except to present my