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there was a wasting of the tissue in the digits of the

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I have now operated forty times for removal of the uter-

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are much more liable to occur where there are large fam-

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definite lesions of the second frontal gyre, was e.xplained

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In typhoid fever this reaction is found usually as early

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erty and incompetent to direct his thoughts or acts.

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account for. Scarlet fever had broken out in a school

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next great epidemic year was 1867, when the principal

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capillaries made their appearence in these polypoid

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caused ipso facto by consanguinity. Would it be better

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He could not see the advantage of draining through the

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lodgings, or among heartless friends or relatives, are

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followed this operation, but on the tenth day the eye was

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mencement, was not characteristic of this affection. The

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plicating conditions general atrophic or hypertrophic

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ment in itself, and by the greater ease with which the eye

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deformity. In these cases he takes away all of the abscess-

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mucous membrane of the vagina gives a large absorbent

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found it normal, with the exception of excessive sensitive-

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rheumatism, scarlatina, and erythema nodosum. This, he

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in immediate proximity to the college. As the Royal In-

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formed. The class of medical students numbers six. Dr.

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liquor sodii arseniatis does not always cause oedema !

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September, 1887, when the left eye became again inflamed

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and that, too, not only in regions where malarial infection

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intra-articular pressure and motion during locomotion,

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old and of no especial significance. In addition, however,