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advances during the Victorian era had been immense, and

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There was, therefore, no motor aphasia or agraphia.

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tures of the spine depend upon causes both central and

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the latter must prove complicated in its process of prepara-

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ing life, are breathing into his nostrils the breath of death.

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ease. Carpets, paper, and cellars, he thought, had done

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humerus. The periostitis generally appeared five or six

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heavy in head — this feeling passed away during day ;

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the outer portion of the right eyebrow. The blow caused

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that privilege. He doubted if the lady doctors would ever

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came severe when taken to a considerable elevation.

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bama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky, Tennes-

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undergone treatment for corpulence or lost much flesh, a

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use this mould like a pudding-form or pan, and have to

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brothers ; in one case the cancer appeared in the side neck,

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Dr. Delafield, in discussing the paper, objected to

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It was a matter of great regret 10 me that I could not

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ably established. The patient, aged twenty-five, had a

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tube was carried through the brain-substance and out of

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toms, a failure to obtain the reaction has enabled us to

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tion. This washing and application are repeated twice

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same day the patient was much more rational, and carried

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may furnish instructive data for the clinician and thera-

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ments upon dogs it was found that the contraction of the

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