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Such is the indictment made by Dr. Campbell in his work,

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Accordingly, on August 6th, at 10 a.m., the ovaries and

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tinued, and it was intimated that the Government were

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restored. He remarked that carbolic acid, when injected

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of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland ( The British

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have not used a current strong enough to cauterize suffi-

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models, etc., used for illustrating lectures. For example,

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dozen bottles, and the distilled water contained .46 grain

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Starr : .^mer. Jour, of the Med. Sci. , 1884, Case 99.

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rate, had been the opinion expressed by some very com-

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combined it with iodine in ascites. Among those who

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cident is rare. Plaster-of-Paris furnishes the most con-

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simple. In the other form, the nephrogenous, on the

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what is reported about it in the British Medical Journal

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above the middle turbinated bone. The latter is in such

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secretions. Thus uncertain excess of cauterizing mate-

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to our readers, but they will certainly bear reiteration.