from senator down to the private secretary of the mayor,

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twenty hours, and at intervals for some hours longer.

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The interesting feature was the large size and location of

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gaged as girl in a hotel. She was of healthy parentage, ro-

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this symptom. It was often due to cerebral syphilis ;

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Surgery now takes the lead, and the surgeon has wrested

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Nicaise communicated the case of a patient, aged seventy-

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ditions. For convenience of elucidation, I will give the

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hend what she said to him. His general health has been

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toms. It affected the viscera usually, though sometimes

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near the former place, his occupation being that of a

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The author devotes little space to the consideration of

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hours). Further cases of this sort need not be given in

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the elder aged twelve years, has always enjoyed good

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thick veins covered the surface of the suspected tumor ;

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frequently the result of chronic naso-pharyngeal catarrh,

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ing I found her looking and expressing herself much bet-

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bounding walls of the chest influence the resonance, and

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the statement that there was a small growth on the left

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exists (accompanied by adenitis, cutaneous affections, or

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other cases had been mentioned to him, one a female

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results, in the treatment of diseases of the skin, syphilis,

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Willard Parker Hospital, for the quarter ending July i,

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masses of epithelium. After a time, in some places, the

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This latter idea has always been kept alive by the univer-

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cessity of every medical man seeking every year some

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with subnormal temperature and a parietal cortical lesion.

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After a period of anxiety, the patient began to rally, and