arrive at the time of the menopause. Internal medication
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applicant. In conclusion, the writer does not claim, of
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concludes from this case that in the gravest forms of pu-
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Takes an average of twenty-five grains of quinine during
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The deep part of the external auditory canal in the
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and his wife. The woman was taken sick about twenty-
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as favorable for operation, the disease not having ex-
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made an opening in the bladder about the size of a silver
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Perforation of gut on thirteenth day. (Cancer?).... I
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vocated three or four sutures to the inch, but not tight
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tics of Bartels, out of 75 cases of the second class 46
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Syphilis offers many points of difference, besides the
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three thousand patients treated in a single month. It is
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> I examined the first case July 7th, and find her in robust health
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to be eaten and those that were not, and it was necessary
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panied. The muscular strain implied in these movements
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the nails grew out. I do not remember whether the toe-
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acts. The effort to fix a point in all disputed cases where^
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rapidly decreasing as by the rapidly increasing uterus.
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fatigue exliibited by some of his patients, he thought that
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We believe iodoform and hygroscopic gauze to be the
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these traverse the blood, and, if not removed from it with
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became much larger, and the lad suffered from dyspnoea
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The first case was one of removal of a large tumor from
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in July, 1889, at the Pequot House, New London, Conn.
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which are made to grip the astragalus and plantar arch
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effected by division of the muscle, but this is not usu-
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muscular exercises. His plan of treatment was based on
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could certainly obtain no diploma that was worth the