His observations were confined to Belle-Isle en-Mer, an
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Three causes of laryngeal paralysis : Injury or irrita-
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structing and depressing, but vitally also, by their morbid
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moniacal decomposition of urine, and hence is valuable in
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"Among the cheaper class of physicians will be found a
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seven. Gerhardt concludes that in some cases of gastric
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The treatment of chronic sewer-air poisoning is to re-
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cerebellum, one in the frontal lobe, and one in the ex-
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tholin's cases, in Bettman's, and in one of Beach's cases
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mortality of at least fifty per cent., and these have now
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ada. Reciprocity takes place between Great Britain and
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relieve sea-sickness in many cases, has been verified in an
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Dr. a. H. p. I, EOF, of Philadelphia, reported a case
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had broken down into small cavities. Costal pleura nor-
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few drops of the pure virus from the sack of the snake, he
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the big toe would not touch the floor by fully four inches.
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and cotton — one for its elastic, the other for its absorbent
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hospital and dispensary work of members might be better
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intermittent fever in which I have tried it, and also in the
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secreted among a class of patients answering in all other
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severe headaches affecting the whole head, but more in-
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many of his conclusions are squarely in the teeth of his
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under a room temperature of 65' F., the coagulum with
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radical cure. The first is of a boy, operated on December
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attached anteriorly by a much broader base to the equa
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cases either in private or hospital practice where the
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Royal Infirmary. Some of the most distinguished stu-
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plunged a keratonyTcis needle through the sclera, between
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are exudates, the result of inflammations, or of depressed
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drops. After continuing this for a time, he abandoned it
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in time be stamped out. The experience of the Crimean