on the following days the nausea, deafness, and incoher-
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in standing and walking, an attitude which brings an in-
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The bladder was then freed as much as possible from
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from the dam to her young. He concluded, therefore,
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the case had gone on too favorably for that supposition.
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duced by an active inflammatory condition, but rather
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to a charge of malpraxis, and we must agree with Mac-
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Dr. Henry N. Heineman, Professor of General Medicine.
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nervous system less sensitive to the influences of disease
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cessive thirst and scanty, high-colored urine, the same au-
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and cells of unusual firmness. 'The two tables of the
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casional attacks of left renal coHc. In 1882 he began to
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been much disappointed, and left it about in the same
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headaches, and supra-orbital neuralgias. Sphygmographic
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Law gives the temperatures as follows : Horse, 99.5^ ; dog,
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movable and completely detached from all the soft parts,
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pressed by an orator before the people to say what he was,
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and doubtless subsequent acute synovitis. In the first
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little mercury. The part thus played by the mercury has
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when the patient recovered, no more such convulsions
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own market, and thus prevent our sending millions of
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posterior half by this means, and without puncture. He
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Fissures of the anus may escape notice even after dili-
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be necessary to a cure, she eagerly accepted the alterna-
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speaker did confess to having a case in which his life was