possible. " Two sutures of strong aseptic silk are now
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run over. The greatest sympathy was felt in the case,
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more rapidly) than a fresh slightly acid solution, is much
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relics. Elaborate dissections under alcohol, mounted in
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jection of the lower angles of the shoulder-blades, which
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mitted absolutely, but potentially. He was unable to un
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being tied to the felting by tape threaded through holes
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General John R. Brooke, President of the Retiring Board,
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suscitated, but his \'itality was so low that this means
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it, since many of his cases received no mechanical treat-
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Pathologists, with few, if any, exceptions, hold to the
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in the activity of a given brand of pepsin. It should be
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trials of sulfanol, and finds that refreshing sleep makes
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current, it is impossible to deny the intermediate dynam-
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moment. The feelings of Iliitch as he gradually realizes
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air, and not any alteration in the capacity of the lungs,
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tion was more marked than/in the upper extremity. The
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I'his interior cause which dominates the life of the
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sults of treating twenty-three patients suffering from chlo-
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der two hours daily service at a salary of $400 per year,
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being now pulled upon, the stump of the sac is drawn
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meant to use another, both in speech and in wTiting, and
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sertion of Gaucher, that " the fatal dose of this drug
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Case II. — \ girl, five years old, died of chronic hydro-
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Zinci bromidi, 3 j. ; syr. simplicis, f ; j. M, Sig. — Ten
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in Savannah, Ga., and in 1878 occurred the most terrible
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importance. If confirmed by independant observation
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are altogetlier in favor of the former, and that the burden
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axillary, and infraclavicular regions there was marked
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ings, seemed in good health. The treatment consisted in
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than fifty consecutive cases, varying in age from one year
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occasionally do all that is necessary ; though even with the
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this sometimes is all practitioners of medicine are cogni-
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dorsed what had been said in regard to operation of