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in using Thomas' caliper-splint ; and Thomas' knee-splint,

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certain whether both the tonic and clonic contractions

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Indians. This is an interesting tribe. Dr. Stephen Bow-

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therefore, that some little discrimination is necessary

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From this surface no discharge to speak of could be

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tive answer, a significant nod of the physician's head is all

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This probably occurs from the fact that cousin marriages

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lish method which has been tried in this country and found

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The characteristics of localizing sjTiiptoms were de-

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practised per vaginam, with the object of keeping the

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following advantages: i. Neatness; not unsightly. 2.

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tion in . the class of cases pointed out by Dr. Munde to

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one, a cholaemic, results from the presence in the blood

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the corresponding half of the jaw is subjected. Now, if we

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ditions are to be expected, a delay in appreciating the

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X\ of 'Trendelenberg's tumor cases were carcinomatous.

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M. Van Hersten, of Brussels, said that tuberculosis is

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by means of a " portative apparatus." And this is the

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during the course of which he pointed out the impor-

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eruption. Admitting these differences, as it seems to the

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she had received a violent blow on the left eye, with im-

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of the idiopathic acute Bright's disease had a bacteriolog-

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crease of the kick as the intervening space of time grows

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The method of Wood, of London, of suturing the pillars

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child was expelled and the uterus inverted after the death

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good one. He has under his care a girl whom he has treated

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who strive most earnestly to obtain a cure with motion

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est buildings in the down-town portion of New York. If

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evaporating influence of the air, to prevent parching and

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morning, and came home at noon complaining of a pain,