the number of cases admitted of forty-eight of scarlet fever
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It was not uncommon to see, in children between the
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ing in the night ' may continue to cry for all he cares ; it
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of guinea-pigs, by intra-peritoneal injection, with the juice
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arrange for one or more general meetings for the consid-
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dinary dissecting. In some heavy work it cannot, of
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icises Dr. Knight's conclusions that "cases of adv^anced
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in various occupations, and is usually a complication of
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case. One is the early appearance, in the course of
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zoster the pain seems less severe and less prolonged,
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of this spasmodic contraction of the sphincter ani muscle.
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ing character, increased to such a degree that for the past
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crude boracic acid one hundred and seventy-eight thousand
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ceiving acute cases is about ten, while the percentage of
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always easy to distinguish this vitreous change from that
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Dr. Proudfoot, of Montreal, read notes of a case of
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Whether located at the ankle (" fungoid disease of the
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the patient to jump from his chair, exclaiming that there
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all classes felt much alike. We settled down to a night
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pelling all these symptoms discloses quickly their true
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Also, to present two unusual cases successfully operated
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be proud of their work, and the wisdom of their action
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chest being raised above the level of the hips, so that the
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legs just above the knees, as the result of the long and