been troubled with shortness of breath and cyanosis. He
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streets. Only 9 of the cases were of persons under thirty
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agreed substantially wth the author in his preference for
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no pain to speak of. He saw the patient the next day,
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fever, 366 ; from malarial remittent and typho-malarial
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of practice into the account. In 1886-87 of^ly 294 out
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stances in which patellar fracture is associated with other
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and hour to hour led me to the most conservative policy ;
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led to the choice of enterostomy instead of laparotomy.
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roundings are good, and the nursing is of the proper char-
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Case V. — Mrs. M. N , aged sixty-three ; first seen
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avoid confusion and misunderstanding. And it gives me
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eration whether, if this protruding omentum be reduced, it
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were doubtless good reasons for assuming such a double
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cally no weakening of the joint, and that in such cases,
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results (restfulness and sleep) after minute doses given sub-
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cases zooglea masses; in addition, small, short, thick
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remedy for asthma, and several European and native phy-
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the expectoration. Moreover, in certain places, a more
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same set of symptoms, and it is important to discrim-
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readers will accuse me of being too prolix and didactic,
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])rove, in the majority of cases, that such collections are
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cautery. 5. The complete escape of septic fluids must
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(Vienna), and Dr. Von Steynen (Diisseldorf). There are
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brief mention of some of them will serve to indicate the
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series, a diminution due largely to increased experience.
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the malleus, where the perforation in such cases is usually
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ter is necessary ; if atony and apathy, order sea-bathing
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lay twelve hours unconscious, and since had been com-
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and he appeared cheerful. Good vesicular murmur was
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the reputation which it has already earned for scientific
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by the eating of the flesh of cattle affected with the dis-
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That the origin of not a few reflex nervous disorders
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tained, to the members of the Society- for their consider-