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of these rare cases, which may be of interest. The patient

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cancer. From January, 1880, to the present date, one

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of localized neuritis due to gout quite frequently, and

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cast aside as harmful or at least needless. With this

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litic chancres and papules. Dr. Smirnoff found that they

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by mechanical injury or hemorrhage in one of the nerves

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and in justifiable cases in man, both close to the original

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lute acid. Under this treatment the longest time re-

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creased and there was fulness in the right loin. On

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many anxious hours ransacking books and periodicals for

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tion might have an important bearing on treatment ;

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usual symptoms of typhoid fever, and the presence of an

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general appearance of health may be. He had seized a

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sion, due to an ovarian tumor jammed in the pelvis, and

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nasal irritation, and there is an absence of any other pro-

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remedy inefficient in these affections was because he dis-

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toms referal)le to these organs have almost disappeared.

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Relieved by hypodermic of morjAia, and by H. C. Wood's

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peritoneum is reflected from the bowel to the bladder.

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ing further cauterization after saturation of the uterine

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often seen considerable damage follow unnecessary delay.

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dispenary patient, who had suffered from pleuro-pneumo-

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ration ; occasionally he employs it in small quantities and

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was observed with a mixture of atropine and quinine, or

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implies the occurrence of all grades of severity in the

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and also to the British Provinces. Almost every reply

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recating the fear now existing in many Southern commu-

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