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sent to her here, opened it, and took out the contents, the
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lary margin. It is to be detected and studied by the
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Dr. von Lauer, Emperor William's physician ; Dr. Weg-
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Vander Poel's diagnosis, left the place. Mr. Larkins im-
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of the eye. The vitreous and aqueous humors are se-
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posit in her urine. During her first pregnancy, nine years
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The tonsils are slightly enlarged, and the posterior
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material, subsequently inoculating the animals with un-
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ing in congenial company. Excesses, particularly sexual,
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with appropriate words, and called upon Dr. Taylor to
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stant state of hyperasmia of the membrane, leading finally
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twenty per cent, there was a history of suspended anima-
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really by association only that an object or a word becomes
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bid products, though themselves redundant, generally
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toms have disappeared, faradization, first the primary cur-
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scopical examination, consisted of alveoli of glandular epi-
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divided, and the fractured ends carefully freshened by
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It does not dissolve readily in water, white curds separat-
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shown by a case which he had just seen. A young woman,
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portion of the triangular cartilage. She also suffered from periodic
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val from the commencement of the treatment, if the hae-
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attempt to resist nature by arresting the hemorrhage with
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severe cases," the author contends that before operation it
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use of axillary crutches ; nor the counteraction of muscu
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sciences next received attention. He lamented the un-
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point out, for in this class of cases I had, in my previous
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answer, " Sixty-five, sixty-seven," and he appears uncer-
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tematic effort to reinstate old heathen practices, some of
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Professor Zuckerkandl, of Gratz, has been appointed
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drainage-tubes after the first week or two. In most cases
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cases of typhoid fever he has observed its occasional ab-
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twenty and thirty, with three or four deaths. The whole
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turning outward of the feet, throwing the strain on the
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pressed. The patient took an opiate with a diaphoretic, but