it was composed of matter which is a product of inflam-
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ing day the child seemed much brighter ; had been sittmg
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This is a somewhat rare disease. It measures thirteen
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due to the action of extraneous causes, and are prevent-
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extremity. In cutting through the anterior uterine wall,
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of conveyance annihilate distance, and the ride is substitut-
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Valley. The dust-storms are at times, however, sufficiently
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Temperature varying from 99° F. in the morning to 101°
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unmistakable. He cannot bring forward the foot with-
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they made the examination, and squabbled a good deal
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was negative. About eighteen months ago he fell heavily
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more recent date, punishments are prescribed for the mu-
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riages 1.5 per cent.; English urban districts, 2 per cent.;
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hemiplegia, and he died comatose on February 9, 1885.
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face and new-growths, and drops a good word in passing
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nature of electrical cauterization. This is of primary
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Dr. Studentski reports, in the Chinirgicheski Vestnik for
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by Dr. Byford's Eastern confreres ; indeed, one particular
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also in severe types of the disease. I have seen fatal j^eri-
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with which the accumulation of fseces in the lower bowel
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the external auditory meatus. This occurred in July of
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ache, that the pain is mainly located in the region where
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with the aid of the nurse, who lifts the injured thigh and
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interpolar action by its unavoidable consequences, so we
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tion, followed by the introduction of the catheter. He
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surgery. I am free to say that I look upon all operations
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number of deaths during the year was 1,270. Of these
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nature of electrical cauterization. This is of primary
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Dr. Min-qt, of Boston, thought that the sequelae might
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twenty grains of morphine. The stomach was emptied,
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lege from which the applicant graduated, are also desir-
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acid or the iodized phenol. Any attempt to remove fungous