Acute poisoning by sewer-air is comparatively rare, and
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lower third by a single circular incision, he severed the
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Bergmann the Star and Cross of the Royal Order of Ho-
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direct effect of continued high climatic temperature on the
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normal. There was a small amount of bloody serum in
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Incidentally it is stated that in sixteen cases of carci-
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of the smaller vessels and the capillaries, and a greatly
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1 5. The contagion of the crime and punishment would
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as far as its own image goes, of four separate memories,
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disease of much interest, first studied in England. This
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compressed by the tumor. Kolliker and Maas attributed
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Secretary, Dr. J. R. Weist, Richmond, Ind. ; Treasurer,
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nated bodies were not hypertrophied. Pressure over the
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suppressed. On the sixteenth she had loss of speech, and
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opening of the hospital, and only nine less than for the
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rhinitis. From whatever cause, with proper hygienic
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Genuine pynemia is rare in connection wth gonorrhoea, and
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by mechanical injury or hemorrhage in one of the nerves
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mind in the treatment of the uric-acid diathesis and in
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copoeia Neerlandica, 1 85 1 , as a haemostaticum. Dr. Vinke,
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of 1884 there occurred a number of cases of these scor-
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tice who do not dispense, and there are also some high-class
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ends with catgut. In one case the power of motion in
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venient access to large collections and are not accustomed
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connected with a soft-rubber catheter about fourteen inches
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was, microscopically, a subacute parenchymatous myo-
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cases of paludism, only 2 cases of glycosuria, and even in
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in midwinter, in this city at least, for it is well known that
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of exudation in comparison to the great congestion and
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in the exhibition of remedies for the ansmia, chlorate of
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God has so highly honored by his own incarnation, are
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Operations on the head, chest, and abdomen were now
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this idea disappears at once when we reflect that it is a
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On April 28th, after a good night, the patient was awak-