any laryngeal complications ; moderate altitude, 3,000

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canal in front of the vas, guided by the left index-finger,

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The variety of apra.\ia known as blindness of mind is

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The author referred to the rarity of this accident, but

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suffering from hydrophobia. The father, a peasant aged

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deceitful and desperately wicked, but the direct products

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sterilized water, placed on the surface of the nutrient

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tion require surgical treatment. The latter treatment

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and but slight from a partial removal of the bony press-

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power equal to the human contagion or typhus poison of

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lasted for a year, and the patient had died in six months

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casionally in afebrile condition, such as advanced heart-

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Dr. Taylor, of San Antonio, emphasized the value of

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tity, which a few experiments will teach). Now add the

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mechanical correction and mechanical retention alone.

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trouble. His own experience had been considerable, and

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public record under oath of his name, origin, and creden-

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mitted absolutely, but potentially. He was unable to un

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week of a fever is fairly pathognomonic of typhoid fever, as

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The Sense of Smell is diminished in criminals, accord-

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rime, but came back slightly about four hours afterward.

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quently, as soon as a surgeon reaches a position of van-

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3 This case will be reported in full detail, with the mental history

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the opening may be extended in any direction, and to any

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next day, except that he cannot run. The patient comes

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diagnose the sickness — that could only be considered as