cases of threatening collapse, especially in pneumonia. He

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was tried on dogs, pustulation always followed, and

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doubt on Dr. Warren's idea that the small reinforcements

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The view of Ferrier as to the localization of the centre

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and placed in the ambulance. On the way to the hospital

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Medical College, before the class of Dr. Hippocrates.

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then read a paper entitled, " 'Fhe Structure of Public

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about without difficulty, and walk freely, in a way which

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movable. This is the great diagnostic difference. Yet

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structure and relations of one organ would write for our

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only below the fracture, the foot being at right angles to

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year : President, Dr. E. H. Bradford, of Boston ; First

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case is typical, and the only phase to which he is willing

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to prevent a recurrence of the attacks. In frontal head-

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Such cases as the above are said to be most frequently

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Professor Ranke, of Munich, agreed with these views.

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which are of great interest, though they appeal rather to

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impressions take to reach the ultimate region where we

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January 22d. — Patient called at my office. He had been

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Herbert W. Page read a case of double nephro-lithotomy,