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I immediately ordered thirty grains of calomel and a
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I HAVE selected the above title in order to bring before
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ing, but there are signs of a recurrence of the growth.
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the pain was slight and the cause trivial, a freedom from
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closure by suture is not yet justified by statistics. Suturing
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attacked by a serious inflammation in both eyes, only
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sizes. The diameters, gradually increasing from five to twelve milli-
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it was removed there remained a large opening in the
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demonstrate the correctness of this belief, and therefore I
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diphtheria. But it has only been within the last few weeks
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with digitalis. In this way he was able to give more calo-
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the strength of the subjective sensation, the sensation be-
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patient could endure motion without traction, unless an-
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dee|) in either hemisphere. Particular attention was
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they were all unsuccessful. So far as he was aware, the
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the prostate. July 4, 1888, an operation similar to that
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paper read before the American Dermatological Society
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corps of teachers, and among them they taught gymnas-
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Deaths in B.-vttle. — Tne Red Cross Society has pub-
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power, particularly by making the patients drink large
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It is true, water, cholesterin, fat, and inorganic salts
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culosis (inherited or acquired), however this fact may be
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together if thought desirable, and a drainage-tube inserted
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gress of Physicians and Surgeons, to be held in this city
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it could be dried sufficiently to begin the e.xperiment.
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Professor von Esmarch. The latter briefly expressed his
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dundant. He recommended surgical cleanliness, but not
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