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Dr. L. C. Gray related several cases illustrating the
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antiseptic solution should be used in the irrigation.
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He urged upon the Congress to pass some very strong
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irritable stomach. The remedy is too valuable not to be
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water are applied to the head. To relieve congestion of
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given only three or four grammes of salol to patients with
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that he has, among his patients, members of the same
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ditory amnesia is due to lesion in the association-tracts
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astrous, it has declined to abandon the treatment, or even
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wound, as advised by Kraske, Ultzmann, and Mikulicz, is
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distinguish cases of starvation and over-strain from those
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where the free use of atropine is called for; an improved
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had no stertor, while the carnivorous pigs were types of
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third day, and allowing the first dressing to remain five or
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however, attends the physical examination of the spleen
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atrophy, complicated by a secondary lesion either in the
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matters, but the objections to this are obvious. Even
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think it but a fair conclusion that antipjTin is in no sense
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that drainage was necessary after this operation. The
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in articular rheumatism, I decided to try this new remedy
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of valgus, and allowed to remain on for two months.
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Case XLV. — Female, aged fifty-two years. Obstruction
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mainly psoas abscesses, but dorsal, lumbar, and cervical
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fashion have as great a play in gynecology, if not greater,
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learn whether the micro-organisms were destroyed in this
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the conjunctival follicles, the fact that cocaine sometimes,
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tion in children, where the prostate is small, I avoid the
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correspond with those of the Collective Investigation re-
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charactenstics. Over seven hundred examinations were
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was particularly useful in attacks of migraine, anaemic