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begun by the reading of a paper on " Insanity and Crime,"
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during the course of which he pointed out the impor-
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cone, which will be the shape of the dressing as it fits the
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guarded against, lest several drops may trickle downward
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and signs of impaired health were usually present. The
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able to find any account of the discovery of any form of
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imported cases scattered about the shores of New York
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entire nose, both cheeks, right upper lid, and upper lip.
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test them, and should be glad to see them prevented by
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Formication is generally referred to the scrotum or inner
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been advanced. The first, propounded by Weill, Debove,
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Dr. a. M. Owen, of Evansville, Ind., had made exper-
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and both recti will be completely separated from the
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" American medical lamb " is a fully recognized institution
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changed conduct and speech of men who use spirits are
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age of illegitimacy has steadily increased in the last ten
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all tended to show that the frequency of hernia coiTe-
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which caused mental alterations. He asked the question
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of New York, who diagnosed a pyosalpinx. I first saw
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six 4 ctgr. For ten days 5 ctgr. were given, for thir-
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ankle-joint "), at the knee (" white swelling of the knee "),
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congelations. He keeps the parts constantly wet with a
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The case occurred, November 13, 1821, at Rome, N. Y.,