was the subject of a paper by Dr. Joseph Grindon, of
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was then introduced, and the excoriations treated. The
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It was incorrect, he said, to assume that the flesh of tu-
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evidence was that the disease was local in the beginning,
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disease, which progressed to total aphasia and right
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distention. M tiller's ablation (abdominal section, with
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moist, and, only feebly opposing the current, allow of its
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ter to allow disease to run its course in a natural way,
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ticular time she was suffering to a more marked degree
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It is evident, when great irritability of the bladder is pres-
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A most important point in proving the crime of murder
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cal Bearings of Malformations of the Heart as seen in
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sis of the insane showed, on post-mortem examination,
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to the circumstances of the case. An abscess must be
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ure, is drj' and paroxysmal. The treatment consists mainly
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A cold abscess formed in the pulp of the thumb, which
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digitahs, and camphor. Minute doses of corrosive sub-
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be commended, is evidenced by a letter addressed to Fa-
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premature labor after careful [jreparation with a hydra-
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appeared to be wholly pulmonary, we really had to deal
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change in the nerve when the cortex was stimulated sug-
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ous effects, such as collapse or weakness of the heart.
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by feelings of reverence for his " dear old master " in call-
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tition of the same offence and the same punishment, with
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evident that we here are only getting a revival of the old
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ment was that advocated by Dr. Weir Mitchell, of rest,
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distinct, and admit of education, like the intelligence. It
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had disajjpeared and only the sensibility of the right
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part of the business of courts of justice is the legal pun-
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operation, treatment is directed chiefly to relief of sub-
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sider the important points connected with the operation.