the patient subjected to dry-cupping, and this, in turn,
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230^ F. — Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, Septem
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no avail. Nothing is to be gained, but pain is increased,
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Varicocele and Orchitis by the Electrical Current of Ten-
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not necessarily be considered a nuisance per se, and that
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throtomy. No one values it more than he, and the risks
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mortality of 84.8 per cent. Since 1880 there have been
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venience to the operator, preventing the tendency of the
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founded a new pathology of urethritis. He describes af-
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mal cardiac sounds were too soft for a perfect record and
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Dr. Jones contributes an article upon the subject in the
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clonic convulsions of the muscles of that foot. The le-
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the Une of suture due to over-distention of a still partially
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After the examination the question of diagnosis came
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panum was nearly dry. To this extent both ears pre-
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practice was alluded to, and the severest condemnation
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eter, to one tenth that size. The author felt confident
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stood at that level. He says, "I found it to be the old
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Rarely she has a single slight fit, just preceding and after
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ure are comparatively well marked. The patient, usually
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right lenticulo-striate artery, and consequent softening of
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of the symptoms by relieving the pressure. This might
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Busey, 1545 I Street, N. W., Washington, D. C, for a
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