factories, a portion is received by large creameries, while
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material, and filled with small oval or polyhedrical
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tense, and the abnormal heat frets the economy. Kid-
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Upon admission the cervical, epitrochlear, and inguinal
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other hand, Dr. Councilman, of Baltimore, in a recent let-
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water employed extending to the upper regions of the ab-
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rics which minister to the comfort and luxury of the race,
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typhoid fever. As the test seems to have been but little
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upon the toxajmia and faulty nutrition which result from
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between man's inventions and discoveries and the well-
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surgical affections. Intestinal obstruction is present when,
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observers assert. In occipital headache it almost invari-
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told me, a week ago complained of a pain in his left side
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Case LXII. — Male, aged eighty years, but robust. Ob-
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in completing the cure in so far as this is possible. In the
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a museum are specimens of instruments and apparatus
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annoyance to the patient, as does also " ear cough " as it
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side I found him quiet and conscious. The nurse stated
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bony walls, and synovitis of the articular surfaces of the
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later period, when her symptoms had increased in sever-
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disagreeable qualities of the drugs it was intended to re-
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before a Vienna medical society a patient from whom
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tion of one of the coronary arteries. It furnishes, besides,
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Clinical Record. Some will probably think tliat this kind
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autopsies, which prove this assertion. Two of the cases
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running into the back of the tumor, from the mesen-
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patient. The judge, however, decided that this could not
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that inhalation of air containing tubercle bacilli was not
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mind and heart. There is never presented to a jury di-
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Dr. Page stated that he had made the following brief
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giving rise to great general discomfort. Tinnitus is
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Washington Barracks, D. C. By par. 13, S. O. 173, A.