of recorded cases. Mackenzie, in the latest edition of his
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The first urine voided after these occurrences was now
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Numerous bronchiectases, with putrid contents. Near
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mortem examination, and the cause found to be bulbar
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hot water. 'I'he cricothyroid membrane was opened and
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vessels may be sewed with ligatures or serre-fine. In brain-
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his special investigations in the fonn of clinical lectures.
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ach and intestine may be established, and, notwithstanding
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parts, except skin, and the bone reduced to a fluid pulp.
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author added that this case is also interesting in a thera-
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The apparatus I employ for the purpose of inflation
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St. Louis. He reported a number of cases, and thought
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I. Inflammation of the broad ligament. 2. Of the cel-
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and unreasoning. Alcoholic somnambulism or trance is
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constant opportunity would be afforded for decomposi-
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that on September 6th she was without strength ; her pulse
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want of a previous history. In private practice, on the
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in the conduct of the case was extra-medical, and due to
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to bacteriologists in its mode of development, in the vari-
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increased that it was determined to operate. A flap was
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been dismissed vnth the hope that they will be better
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afflicted are neglected by the physician, and they fall into
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though, very doubtful. Not only has each number been
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neurologists in New York, he had found static electricity
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when pronounced slowly and distinctly it made a strong
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lication of Macewen's cases or those of Lucas Chamjiion-
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world after having amassed a comfortable sum by the
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was seen by a physician, told that he had eiysipelas, and