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or are they from a pathological condition ? I maintain

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from a statistical point of view. I believe my work ten

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between tjphoid fever and acute rheumatism. Bourcy,^

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tions on Medicine, Surgeiy, Hygiene, Forensic and State

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craze, working both moral and physical mischief. Profes-

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" " My plea this evening shall be for absolute immobilization of a

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Medico- chirurgical Society, held October i, 1888, was

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eighteen or nineteen hours after the introduction of

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Such scenes apply better to the profession in Europe

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Case I. — J. D. G came to rat. December 13, 1885.

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could be combined with those of lithotomy, so far as the

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M. Sig. — Fifty grammes (about oz. \) every hour ; to

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