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holic excess, or the gout which it induces, probably plays

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before you. In regard to the injection of hydrogen gas,

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were found at the autopsy. There was a double aortic

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tellectual life commences after birth, noticing outside

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an anatomical classification, for we then had a solid basis.

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Dr. Arthur V. IVLacan has recently removed the uterus

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finger in the rectum, to which the author gave assent.

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and factories. I have amputated fingers, sewed up cuts

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marked tremor of the tongue and fingers; knee-jerks

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Official List of Changes in the Stations and Duties of Offi-

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form, or sound and odor of objects, independent of their

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nerve-cells, which are atrophied, shrunken, or eaten away,

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•surgery in the treatment of abdominal tumors. He urged

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and Professor of Medicine in the Johns Hopkins Univer-

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discussion as time may permit. The present Executive

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