tions of tubercular origin. ( The British Medical Journal.')

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The actual frequency of the disease in this city cannot be

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she was happily engaged in her household duties, had re-

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had been said that it meant little ; that the Society did

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length of distance. The exertion was constant and vio

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generally in the same direction, or, in other words, the

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should be completed, any classification must necessarily

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ble oil, and arseniate of strychnine administered hypoder-

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the patient and his family with undetermined suspicions

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masterpieces of the human form, whetlier in marble or on

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of Cincinnati. The whole matter was referred to a com-

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kind of life — a moral life, or conscience The manifesta-

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ment, in a well-settled part of the city of Camden, could

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able position, until it was done instinctively, thereby

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times invading the whole region from the nose to the

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the parts carefully ; the vulvar orifice showed no marks of

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perfectly meet the objections. But there is one fact

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as is well known, the biliary acids are formed by the liver,

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tion preliminary to promotion as Medical Inspector.

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membrane of the stomach and jejunum unites in an ex-

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proceedings of that body. We can assure them a hearty

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virus, our first object of search must be for a s|)ecific remedy

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the subjacent rib, in doing which he opened the pleural

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my stay at the Hopital St. Louis, Paris, I made a care-

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and lacerations, dressed mangled and bruised fingers and

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