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Lucius Morse, A. R. Thomas, and W. B. Trites, — names which

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visiting physician. As a native of Xew York City, and a man of

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In the discussion which followed, the unanimous feeling

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relief the striking differences separating war surgery from

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Evacuating the bowels tended to rouse her. She inquired the

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I. T. Talbot, Boston, Mass. C. E. Fisher, Austin, Tex.

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this so-called spinal anaemia is frequently associated with derange-

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constipate these patients as we do those with a fractured

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sufficiently strong to prevent the lung from being drawn forward,

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City, and speedily won recognition as an able physician and surgeon.

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traction, who adhered closely to the old Sabbatarian

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the same year he was appointed Professor of Surgery

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chair of Pathology, Bacteriology, and Hygiene, which professorial

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These ills and errors account for the extension and aggravation

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to corsult him and receive medical and surgical trealr

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I myself am ready to admit that there may be truth in all the

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tributed many articles that have been of interest and value to his

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will have to yield sooner or later ; and the sooner the better, for

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disease, we should make clinical use of only such facts, charac-

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forthcoming appearance was made in our January issue. The

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sion in America. The volumes are as ornamental to a surgeon's

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entered upon the task of remodeling and refitting the existing build-

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the nervous quarter of an hour while waiting professional audi-

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the instruction of Olsbausen, Wjnler, and DQhrssen, and

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or foe had alike to succumb, for when Dr. Wende began to push a

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bearable for a very long while, although there may be considerable local dis-

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he studied abroad in Berlin, Budapest, Vienna and Paris, returning

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but, in certain forms of sick-headache, there are no two remedies

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examination of both apertures, because it is not always possible to

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fore, to suffer severe illness and disfigurement, and even run the

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it a most fraternal welcome, and wishes for the best possible

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of Human Anatomyy besides occasional contributions to

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1 ' Treatment of Pneumonia ; " " Acromegaly ; " ' ' A Peculiar Case of

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(North Carolina) Shooting Club, and St. Andrews Golf Club. On

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of their medicines,- — a matter of great moment; for or what

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College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, from which he

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