teristic etiological relation to any defined morbid process.

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the day these symptoms abated a little. In the afternoon

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diagnostic importance, but if it was not found in men

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bony hypertrophy or a displacement of the bone from its

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a good deal larger than the aortic flap, and between these

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part. Notwithstanding this complication, however, the

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In such a posture, the great serrati de pectoralis major

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in my opmion, why arsenic should not attack the spinal

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causes ; but I think it would be almost impossible to

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Sack, of Dorpat, who finds it much more frequently present

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Six weeks later, laparotomy, adhesions in pelvis found

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stationar}- soda-water apparatus; for undoubtedly the

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pyogenes aureus and Fehleisen's Empipelas streptococcus.

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portions of the body found, the skin had been cut away,

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the other hand, how were medical practitioners to sur-

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But neurasthenia was also to be differentiated from a

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a " catarrhal " difficulty, with more or less stoppage of the

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Annie C , thirty-eight years of age, came under ob-

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tration of remedies, combined with the proper hygienic

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14. A change of public sentiment and law is demanded,

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sterilized water, placed on the surface of the nutrient

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either for support or locomotion, becomes a positive ca-

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First. The selection and registry of a definite number

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more of dry iodoform, covered it with a good, soft napkiiv,

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influenced the cure in either case ; either the headaches

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commenced first to coagulate around the sides of the ves-

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It has no odor nor taste, and is said to cause no dis-

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regarding the difficulty of finding the round ligament had

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forceps grasping the conjunctiva over the insertion of the

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thirty days; pulse ranges from 80 to 100; good vesicular

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tumor proved to be a gigantic diverticulum, from the

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was long in coming away, and exposed the patient to sep-

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three of the older fellows have not read papers, but these

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Callosities, claviis, and verruca are softened in from

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