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disease, having an inmate of his house sent to the hos-
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rude handling of instruments, etc. In some instances it
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high, and resistant, as in insufficiency of the aortic valves.
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would not be what it is, nor where it is. But it needs more
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relieved, as it was only a plain uncomplicated case of
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tient with supposed rheumatism, for example, was only
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and intercurrent, and wholly unconnected with her syjjhilis.
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ures do well enough without it, Mr. Christopher Heath
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to surgical interference the speech areas of the brain
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of anterior superior spinous process. Indistinct dulness
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the bottled specimens, emblems of his prowess, but he
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travel, may safely provide hospitals for the reception and
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This paper was illustrated by a number of diagrams. He
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terminal filaments of the ligament to the pillars of the
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inflammation of the middle ear may contribute to these
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show that primary tuberculosis is quite common in the
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All agree that to maintain functional vigor there must
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course. For a long time no possible source of contagion
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Mulatto girl, aged forty-five. First appearance as simple
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To recapitulate. — The theory of motion in the treat-
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fore the New York Academy of Medicine, said, in effect,
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ache, that the pain is mainly located in the region where
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to a charge of malpraxis, and we must agree with Mac-
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to our art. The day has now come for very plain speak-
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from duty at Fort Keogh, Mont. Ter., and will report
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teeth, ulcerated and inflamed conditions of the gums and
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not a believer in antiseptic surgical methods. The [pa-