a speculum to the ulcer or ulcers, is generally sufiicient to
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selves or in the regular evacuations." Such cases as these
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tion of the poison by the cutaneous glands. In the cere-
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to be determined by the situation of the pain, which is
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shortened. Flexion and extension of the thigh on the pelvis
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comfort from details owing to careless or wilful misman-
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nearly five inches long, flattened, and about two and one-
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outer tube, tore it from its place in the larynx, threw it
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many cases the weak ankles of children, characterized
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taking both the United States and Canada and all schools
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notions of the physiological action of the galvanic current
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M.D., St. Joseph, JVIo.; J. G. Carpenter, M.D., Standford,
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thousand and eight thousand feet or more, so that the
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himself with cholera germs. For some time past he has
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why silagra is used rarely
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A great number of microbes were here' found, the most
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run over by a horse-car, crushing a leg, the failure to save
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that to produce good models no " mighty magic " will
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The medical museum should possess a series of speci-
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angles from the wall. These are mostly muscle-nuclei.
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has increased immensely the value of the surgeon's ser-
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scribed and diffuse inflammation of the external audi-
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tion, thought that it was not infrequent, and that it caused
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Yox the last thirteen years I have used no other test
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that compared with the ordinary preparation of cow's
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in the internal coats, the two processes going on together.
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Let us return for a moment to those cases of so-called
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overcome a certain amount of physical force, it is seldom
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bach. assistant surgeon to the Pennsylvania F^ye and F^ar
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saw the patient in July, 1888, at which time the tumor
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ical Press and Circular, July i8th). It was that of a
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