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charges, which grew more copious and worse on the third.
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with a piece of slate-pencil, and poked it into his ear.
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an affection characterized by pyrexia without the presence
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total, 1,010.28. Number of days lost on account of sick
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it was the separation of the pelvic fascia and the peri-
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portant to send our bone cases to the mountains, or to
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the morning, and no perceptible effect upon quality of
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was not ordered to take powders in third week of the
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pecially by the inexpert, wdthout due preparation, since a
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be stated presently. That our National Medical Museum
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with a history of chronic suppuration of the right ear of
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in a second of time. It is a resultant of the pressure
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signs of fibrous transformation. The distribution of the
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the Academy two interesting cases which recently came
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which the correctness of my diagnosis might be ques-
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in this connection. Long after the presence of kidney
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stances, however, apart from tuberculous subjects and
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of which a given and convenient bulk is capable of exert-
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of the committee, and not of the committee. As it was
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and inalassimilation. But our patient consults us for
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vaseline. In eight cases of generalized psoriasis ap-
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to him on three different occasions that this blood-vessel
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loss of the entire nose, loss of substance on the upper lip,
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Discussion : Dr. Bryson remarked that he had already
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water or wine drunk by the troops, for all the garrison
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cord through it, closing up the abdominal opening of the
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commenced to spit blood, and complained of more vio-
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ing the nasal passages. The patient's mouth was con-
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are directed to discharge such from the service at once.
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purer when the sound-producing air-current was driven
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excellent remedies, the latter when there is cardiac dropsy.