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class of bodies known as compound ammonias, or amines.

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temperature, though lowered, was still very unstable, so

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His condition at present is as follows : His hair is

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carbonic acid in the so-called Seltzer water, and the devel-

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ments upon the combustion of cigarettes {Medical News),

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fibioid and granular stuff without any apparent channel.

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of the cocoa-nut swelling and the unpleasant symptoms,

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the subject, which covers so extensive a field, e.xhaustively.

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The experiments of Stein fully corroborate this view.

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ing the site for operation in cases where the motor lesions

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on Monday last, of Dr. W. L. Baldwin, who caught the

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ward, stating his acne had disappeared, and wished to

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fumigations to the uterus were also used. Warm baths,

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The paper was discussed by several other gentlemen.

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The nasal fossse should be kept clean by carbolized alka-

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e.xamination, it was done under chloroform, and the

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