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consideration of surrounding conditions, will usually suffice

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and lateral curvature of spine ; she has the appearance of a

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their excessive use should be avoided. An ointment com-

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(102.2' F.) ; pulse from 105 to 120, full and rapid. The

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tube, for there can be no prolapse of the kidney without

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-(3) Tuberculous meningitis. Vessels with very faintly

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being of the body that whatever impairs their usefulness,

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use on February 7th, and on the fourth day (which the

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surprise. He said it could not be — it was impossible.

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hasheesh. The dose of the tincture is one-half drachm. —

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these cases without permanent cure. Care must also be

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to that of idiocy. Yet there are in this country nearly as

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of the patient to the further traumatism to which it would

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porary. Their action in no way corresponds with that of

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single lateral scar left after extirpation, which could ea«ily

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pyogenes aureus and Fehleisen's Empipelas streptococcus.

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of neurasthenic conditions one had to be a good clinician.

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glomerate cell, owing to its splendid depolarizing quali-

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talipes without operation ; to be worn immediately follow-

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tlie hepatic cells was present. The vascular system was

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foot. The deformity had increased progressively since

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the index-finger is passed into the vagina, and the pulp

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forgotten more easily than letters, and if a patient is to

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bones and joints, cedema, fetid breath, diarrhcea, and gen-

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This temperature was gradually raised as high as 80° C-

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tion of funds allowed to the museum and to the library,

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and fasces. It was then decided to open the spinal canal,

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seem to become inspissated like the endogenous collec-

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in at least two, perhaps three, if I had screwed my cour-

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did not, become acid, for even a very slight degree of

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rollers on the floor of the ambulance, being careful to

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had noticed that " typho-malarial " fever had had a low

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ing, Minn. Leave of absence, for one month, on sur-