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This occurred five years ago. I have recently heard from
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that the greatest of all sanitary evils was overcrowding,
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pain, followed by rapid swelling of the abdomen, sup-
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ined microscopically the arteries in ten young subjects
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soluble in water and alcohol, and both colorless and
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with them ; melancholia, especially the mild forms, in
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pressure from causing injury, while, if the pressure is too
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the battered ball which crippled him, and so these relics
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has injected from five to eight drops of a two per cent, solu-
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epileptiform convulsions by the simple passing of sounds.
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nutrition will be unfavorably affected. If the tissues are
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solution (1:3000 to 5000), a "y-^ormed drainage-tube is
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not completely restored to working strength for six weeks.
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leper settlement by Mr. R. W. Meyer, agent of the Board
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excision ? The brightest triumph of conservative surger)',
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vessels there is no trace of muscular bands, though their
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hands are noticed several scars and abrasions. He no-
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neys peevishly perform their work, springs, feeding the
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prevents that free play of movement which reacts so
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