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showed that in oxygen the color of arterial blood was at
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ply of the nurse's milk ; at other times the quality is at
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Medicine; Anatomy and Physiology; Pathology, Obstetrics,
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time before resorting to operation. In some of these
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lapsing fibroid, may remain the same simply on account
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ent reports a conversation overheard in a railroad depot
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practice had, in typhoid fever at least, proved itself re-
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fact that our esteemed contemporary, the Meditsinskoye
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longed deliberation, which began to take shape more than
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succession ; not, however, in mere outline, as here stated,
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free-wool end resting just within the sphincter vaginae.
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young children, with the bones still spring)', but in all
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1 . This organization shall be known as the Congress of
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circulation, but by their direct effect upon the tissues with
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lacerations of the cervix and perineum, irritations, con-
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escape cannot be effected owing to obstruction in the he-
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sanity ; the excision of cortical areas as a method of
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A plaster-of Paris jacket was applied the same day and kept
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ment in the patient's condition. She is now entirely free
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was noticed also that the patient sweated considerably.
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Dr. Heitz.mann thought that anthrarobin had all the
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fact, that from the clinical observation of practical physi-
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the question whether the infantile body is affected " di-
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naturelles), and the government in 1880 and 1884 gave
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starched bandages, and much less painful than the appli-
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judgment and experience, and all distinctions of right and
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These projections, Dr. Gillot states, are true miliary
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which he found were due to an inhibition of the knee-
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bolic, or other antiseptic mixtures, to the total exclusion
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A gentleman, aged forty-three, in 1885 suffered from this
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to the Christian Science crowd, or anything of that sort ;
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the use of a posterior splint and a light, moderately firm
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adherent condition of the pupil, but the patient could