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a plug of antiseptic cotton left in contact with the cervix,

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would therefore submit to you, this evening, a crude one

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leave of absence on Surgeon's certificate of disabilit)', with

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enough in this country to try to verify his conclusions. A

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Philadelphia, on " Note of a Case of Filaria Medinensis,"

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recommends the addition of a few drops of chloroform to

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may and have undergone reduction without any appre-

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done this operation in seventeen cases of chronic membra-

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condition at the time of examination ; in two cases of

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Ridenour, of Massillon, O., writes: " Your correspondent,

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actively at work, and the poison is rapidly eliminated,

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A singular feature of this case was the rapidly changing

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heart ; when we have signs of heart failure we are risk-

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Fifty-sixth Annual Meeting, held at Glasgmt', Scotland,

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the nine cases with autopsy, here brought together for the

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that had elapsed since his previous report he had per-

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required extent. The greatest hesitation is with regard to

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more convenient for the patient, in that its effect is of so

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I believe the profession generally, and in our own State

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but it was only just that the government should indemnify

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practitioners of every sort ; for he contends that the den

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Again, we are told, university endowment offers greater

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jumping. The accident had occurred ten days prior to

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kept up till, in about two and one-half hours, the temperature

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and might we not have an intracranial extension as read-

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The paper was based upon observations upon one thousand

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A microscopical and chemical examination of the urine

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The following are a few of the histories (condensed)

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constant opportunity would be afforded for decomposi-

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of Cases," T- H. Blanks. M.D . Mpridinn t\t;« _. ." p^.

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symptoms, such as muscular twitchings, changes in the

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cell-elements, and being also distributed in the tissues