sixty-three cases of operations for chronic inflammatory

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After several sittings, the Council of the College of Sur-

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by Horsley, but without success. The sooner cases are

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ment in the patient's condition. She is now entirely free

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in experimental pathology often belong quite as much to

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and his care and treatment must be based on accurate

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suddenly became deaf, and remained so for nearly an hour

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substance which determines the characteristic phenomena

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ver, St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Milwaukee, and

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ished. The brain was markedly anjemic, but otherwise

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four to six weeks. In connection with these remedies, I

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out of his grgsp, and he could not again find it. The

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completely fill it from the drum-head or near it to within

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she could stand it, in the cardiac and epigastric regions

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tion, Dr. Bray, of Chatham ; for the Surgical Section, Dr.

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Dr. Milne, of Victoria, British Columbia, moved, and

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Florida than in any other climate with which I am fa-

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Garmo syringe. I then applied a rubber bandage with a

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as Meisels ' has shown, may be discovered in blood drawn

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short one. The operation is a serious one, especially in

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that the tendon was ahvays entirely divided. A slight

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from mechanical stasis. 'I'hen the deformity of the chest

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St. Paul and Minneapolis, but the fourth, the College of

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and probably bacillary diarrhoea. Its true nature de

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much better than their own. To be a good diagnostician

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the fasces resumed their natural passage per anum, gener-

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only the night and morning urine, and detected by those

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Cora gave a history of loss of sight of her left eye from

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The phenol acts especially well in all those cases where

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From all of these varying statements it appears a hard

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in the discussion on the question of the non-contagious-

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are opposed to the existence of pathogenic organisms in

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" name " is repeated he at last seems to get the idea, and

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In psoriasis the crusts are yellowish and less shiny ;

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agree with our colleague on this point, and my tables pub-

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On Wednesday afternoon a reception was given to the