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Drs. McKenzie, of Baltimore ; Daly, of Pittsburg ; Rae,
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of all mercurial preparations. I may say that I have
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tirpation. This should be accomplished with scissors and
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Dr. Morison having about fifty per cent, of negroes in
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ing the tendons. Continued the iodide ; used no local
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boracic acid is absorbed as it ascends in the stream, and
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Willard's Hotel. Letters must be addressed to " The
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portion as the extent of the mucous membrane enlarges.
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marcation between the rough dorsum and smooth mucous
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gave to him the part containing his name. There was
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into a more or less complete bony arch. .\ review of
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Weinstein considers that aniline is set free from the
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sult of active inflammation, such as pleuritis or pleuro-
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the organic life in local areas of the physical body. The